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Video: Don't be fooled. Proposition 10 is not what it seems.

Proposition 10 does the opposite of what it promises. Prop 10 will take rental housing off the market, reduce construction of affordable and middle class housing when we need it most, and make it harder to find a place to live. That's why veterans, seniors, and affordable housing experts say, "No on 10." It makes a bad problem worse.

Video: Deeply flawed, badly written. That’s Proposition 10.

Proposition 10 does the opposite of what it promises. Prop 10 will drive up rents, take rental housing off the market, and make it harder to find a place to live. Prop 10 has no protection for renters, seniors, veterans, or the disabled, and no provisions to treat homelessness or build affordable housing. That’s why veterans, seniors, and affordable housing experts say No on 10. It makes a bad problem worse.

McIntyre in the Morning: Capping Rent will not help the homeless crisis

Dan Yukelson, executive director of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, appearing on KABC-AM Talk Radio 790 explains telling property owners what they can charge for rent will do nothing to help the current homeless crisis.


SF Chronicle Recommends No on Prop. 10

The San Francisco Chronicle agrees that Proposition 10 is a flawed measure that will reduce housing supply, reduce quality of rental housing, and make the housing crisis in California worse.

"More housing is the way out of the housing shortage. Proposition 10 is not."

Santa Monica Daily Press: Rent Control Board to begin debate on new Rent Control

“This week the Rent Control Board (RCB) will begin discussions to potentially change the way the city calculates rent in controlled units in anticipation of changes at the state level that would radically alter landlords’ ability to increase rents on new tenants.”

Letter to the Editor - Beverly Hills Weekly: Vote No On Proposition 10

Dan Yukelson of Beverly Hills writes a compelling letter appearing the Beverly Hills Weekly about the ill-conceived and deeply flawed Proposition 10, and the devastating impact it will have on rental housing, affordable housing, and local and state government. Join Dan and Vote NO on Proposition 10 in November.

No on Prop 10 Campaign launches ads - "It Makes a Bad Problem Worse"

Californians for Responsible Housing released its first two advertisements against the deeply flawed Proposition 10. The ads feature two affordable housing experts opposing Proposition 10 because “it makes a bad problem worse” and does “the opposite of what it promises.”

The Case for Preserving Costa-Hawkins: Three Ways Rent Control Reduces the Supply of Rental Housing

Kenneth Rosen, University of California Berkeley Chair of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, makes a compelling case of the deficiencies of Prop 10. It all comes down to this: California needs more affordable housing, but Prop 10 is a fatally flawed ballot measure that won’t help, but rather reduce housing availability at and affordability for California. Vote NO Prop 10.

Passing Prop 10 Will Have Chilling Effect on New Construction

Not only will Proposition 10 make California's severe housing crisis worse, it will also have a chilling effect on California's important construction workforce, according to Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange Director of Government Affairs Damon Conklin. He calls Proposition 10 a threat to all renters and property owners.

Voice of San Diego: Rent Control Harms the People it is Intended to Help

According to Mark Powell, a member of the  board of directors for the San Diego Association of Realtors and a San Diego County Board of Education member, Prop 10 will disincentivize builders and strip private property rights in the San Diego area.

"In essence, Prop. 10 will strip away a significant layer of private property rights from homeowners in the San Diego area."

San Jose Mercury News: Prop. 10 would exacerbate California’s housing crisis

The San Jose Mercury News, one of California's most influential newspapers, has come out in an editorial against fatally flawed Prop 10, saying "The solution is not to impose price controls, which is exactly what rent control is. The solution is to encourage development so that supply can meet demand."

Prop. 10 May Cost the State, Communities Millions While Freezing Housing Construction

Anyone concerned about the future of the state and local budgets should pay particular attention to what the state’s non-partisan legislative analyst had to say about Proposition 10, the ballot measure that repeals the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, including protections for tenants and single-family home owners.

Editorial: Tougher rent control could mean millions in tax losses

"A November ballot measure to allow more rent control of California’s housing market could cost local and state tax coffers hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s the sobering bill for Proposition 10"

Tenants, landlords lose with rent control measure

By Jerry and Terry Spodick, Santa Cruz

"Bad for tenants: First, it doesn’t lower rents or provide more or safer housing. Second, it encourages mom and pop single family property owners to sell their rental properties due to the unreasonable demands of this measure taking these properties out of the rental market."

Los Angeles Apartment Association Launches 'No On Prop. 10' Campaign

The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles launched a local “No on Prop. 10” campaign against Proposition 10, also called the Affordable Housing Act, which would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. The group, which represents thousands of property owners, will send a weekly message “about the detrimental effects Proposition 10 will have on the availability of rental housing” to newspapers, websites and other media platforms.

Rent control laws nearly destroyed parts of New York City. They could do the same to California

"Proposition 10 could usher in a dramatic wave of rent controls. If many cities adopt them, the long-term damage could be severe."

Repealing Costa-Hawkins Can Only Make Things Worse For California Residents

"Despite the proposed ballot initiative being named “The Affordable Housing Act,” a repeal doesn’t offer any new affordable housing. It just opens the door for rent regulation that harms property owners without actually benefitting those in need of more affordable housing."

Real estate expert talks about potential impact of rent control

"When rent control occurs on an apartment building, Miller said landlords are more likely to not make repairs for longtime tenants, which means the units deteriorate faster than they would otherwise. They also might discriminate when it comes to selecting tenants, opting for those more likely to move out faster.

Why Rent Control Hurts Renters

Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute shows why price ceilings on apartments hurt those it intends to help. She explains the background of rent control in America and the negative effect it has on prospective renters and on the quality of rent-controlled apartments. Did you know that landlords of rent controlled apartments in New York City rarely improve their properties?


Rent control isn’t the answer to our housing crisis

by The Orange County Register Editorial Board

"Policies like rent control, at best, provide short-term, superficial relief to those fortunate enough to be covered by rent control policies. But in the long-run, rent control policies can lead to a reduction in the supply of rent controlled units, higher rents for people in non-rent controlled units and a lower quality housing supply."

What is the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act?

The Costa–Hawkins Rental Housing Act ("Costa–Hawkins") is a California state law, enacted in 1995, which places limits on municipal rent control ordinances. Costa–Hawkins prohibits cities from establishing rent control over certain kinds of residential units, e.g., single family dwellings and condominiums, and newly constructed[2] apartment units; these are deemed exempt. It also prohibits municipal "vacancy control", also called "strict" rent control.

Will Repealing Costa Hawkins Help Affordability?

The Apartment Association of Greater L.A. says no. The organization takes an official stand against the proposed legislation to repeal Costa Hawkins saying that it will halt development and city growth. By Kelsi Maree Borland,

Frozen Out in the Golden State

"Repealing Costa Hawkins will allow more localities to impose rent control, which, based on past experience, will deform the market and make it even harder for renters to find affordable housing"

Rent Control Would Do Major Harm to Sacramento’s Future

"Rent control discourages owners from maintaining and improving their property and discourages builders from building more housing units — and drives them to make investments elsewhere"