Santa Monica Daily Press: Rent Control Board to begin debate on new Rent Control

“This week the Rent Control Board (RCB) will begin discussions to potentially change the way the city calculates rent in controlled units in anticipation of changes at the state level that would radically alter landlords’ ability to increase rents on new tenants.”

In short, Santa Monica is already preparing onerous new limits on housing providers, in the hope that Prop 10 passes, that will further reduce housing supply by driving multifamily providers out of the market, and create a whole new layer of administrative bureaucrats paid from taxpayer funds.

Indeed, not only will Proposition 10 stifle new housing construction, but taxpayers will also be forced to pay litigation costs that result from fatally flawed Prop 10.

“More than once, the California Supreme Court has struck down government actions that were in violation of statutory authority, including actions taken to avoid constitutional violations,” said Santa Monica Rent Control Board General Counsel J. Stephen Lewis.